Turtle Shell Industries

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Product Overview

Turtle Shell® is a patented product providing critical systems protection from water and debris. The modular system is constructed of a lightweight frame and waterproof shell. The shells can be connected together to accommodate protection for any length of cabinet rows. Standard shells provide ample overhang on both sides of a 36 inch cabinet. Custom shells can be made to any width or arc depending on the location, ceiling heights, heat dissipation requirements and existing services (conduits, fiber troughs, cable racks, etc). In locations with existing services, the shells can be penetrated and sealed to prevent water leaks around the services. Optional manual release PVC mesh curtains are available. They are deployed when water infiltration occurs. A motorized curtain option is available for un-manned locations.

Turtle Shell® in Action

Turtle Shells® provide proven protection against water infiltration, debris and other disasters. This video showcases a Turtle Shell® installation in a data center and the protection provided during an actual water emergency.

Made in the USA

Turtle Shells® are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. We offer custom installation services and can also ship internationally.